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Internet / Intranet / Extranet Services




Our information services can help you harness the power of cutting-edge communication technologies.

The Design Guy team develops and programs online buying systems/sites that are easy to use and totally secure. These systems range from product display pages and online financial transaction mechanisms for checks or credit cards to simple-to-use contact forms and Internet-based tracking schemes. If you are looking to sell something over the web, we can make it happen.

Web Services:

The Design Guy team will register your URL address with established search engines such as Google and Yahoo to insure that your site “rises to the top.” Monthly reports are generated for each “managed account” that track your site and let you know exactly how many requests for information it generates.

Web Hosting:

The Design Guy team will, with your approval, register your domain name, rent you space on one of our own servers, and maintain your site.

Web Design:

The Design Guy team offers hand-coded HTML programming and Java Script, providing dependable, compatible services for all Internet web browsers. We prepare properly formatted original artwork, logos, animation, and tastefully inventive design for your site(s). In addition, we are set up to provide online 360 degree panoramas of your shop, home, artwork, or properties. We offer “FLASH” animated sites, scanning and writing services, and imagemap capabilities.

Smart Home and Smart Office:

The Design Guy team’s technical division offers the latest in advanced monitoring systems to provide the basics - from controlling HVAC systems to Internet-based real time monitoring of all of your properties.

Our Internet-appliance system centralizes your mainframe computer within a secure, climate-conditioned, and obscure location. Wireless is the future of things to come and our wireless Internet-appliance system provides the ultimate in efficiency and function for the modern home.

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