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Mailing Address:
836 100th Avenue SE,
Bellevue, WA  98004-6746


The Design Guy team offers services nationally with completed projects in over 27 US cities spanning east to west from Los Angeles to Miami, and as broad north to south as Houston to Seattle. No, we have not done a project in Hawaii, but we’d like to.
The Design Guy team has successfully completed projects in 12 foreign countries including locations within Europe, Southeast Asia, as well as North and South America. We continue to welcome overseas design commissions. With the firm’s extensive use of internet technology, we make it painless and seamless when dealing with clients or projects of great distance to our home operations.

A secure website with a 128-bit SSL encrypted access code is developed for each project. Online meetings and project postings happen in real-time, drawings are displayed in downloadable formats that can be efficiently printed literally anywhere in the developed word. In fact, our process is so seamless and convenient that some clients find it easier to deal with us being great distances away, than dealing with design firms in their own “backyard”.

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