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About The Design Guy, Donald Whittaker:




Though we began as an architecture and interior design firm, passion and necessity have recently sent us into the “information architecture and design” business. This activity stems from and combines our internal and external operations, project management systems, sales and marketing processes, and communications and industry relations. From our own need for these services, we have begun to offer them to our clients.

Information Architecture is the architecture of information; it is the art and science of designing and building structures for information. It involves analyzing and blueprinting the ecology of information within an environment for maximum usability. It begins with a well-defined blueprint, travels through intense client consultation and creative team coordination, and ends in top-quality deliverables that facilitate the success of the user’s informational goals.

We think of information design as having three crucial aspects – structural, organizational, promotional. Structural elements involve the primary architecture of the system to allow for ideal security and flow. Organizational elements dictate how you interface with the system to most easily implement your ideas. And promotional elements are those that face the outer world and “sell” your message via our informational designs and marketing components. We can help you achieve perfect results in all three of these areas. We have arrived at our solutions through personal use within our own business, so we know how they apply to real business needs and objectives.

Our team consists of four web-based divisions: The Design Guy E-magazine, My Design Guy Portal, the Project Management Console, and the Client Project Interface. Each of these is designed to satisfy varying objectives and service requirements.

The Design Guy E-magazine “raises the bar” as an imaginative way to display and share creative design solutions with industry peers, other design professionals, and prospective clients. It is a model for the kind of promotional vehicles we have designed and can design for other businesses. An E-magazine provides a simple and concise way to establish yourself or your business as an industry leader.

Our Project Management Console organizes all of our internal communications, projects, calendars, tasks, clients, and even generates “real-time” reports. The console is completely Internet-based and is accessible via secure access codes globally on any computer with an Internet connection. We have created the site for testing. You may log into the system with the username: designguy, password: designguy. Give it a try and see what color television did to black and white!

The communications and documentations needed to manage each project are imperative yet tedious business activities and components. We have created our Client Project Interface to work seamlessly with our management console. The Design Guy tracks communication exchanges, document exchanges, posted files, discussions, concepts, and schedules with the client all in one place! Each client enjoys the exclusivity of having their very own web site accessed via a password and protected with a 128-bit encryption for security and privacy.

This Information Architecture has created a virtual labor force that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It facilitates and manages our internal and external operations, project management, scheduling, tracking, client interface, sales, marketing, communications, and industry relations.

Adjoining to these informational architecture and design components, we offer Internet, graphic design, and text and promotional services to our clients. We can help you design a website, build and manage a website, create text for that website, and create promotional newsletters for that website so that your visitors are constantly kept up-to-date on your activities. If you’re looking to build a business or a community on-line, we can assist you in realizing your ambitions.

The Design Guy team offers business solutions to an emerging world of new entrepreneurs who will lead us into the 22nd century and beyond.

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