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Design Philosophy:

Design Philosophy



To achieve inner harmony and live productively, we require an architecture that supports us as much as it surrounds us. When this is achieved, our houses become our homes, our homes become our havens, and our place of work becomes a place of freedom and creativity.

Our core design philosophy consists of an underlying awareness of the profound role that buildings have on our health, our psyche, and our spirit. Harmony and balance, light and color, relationship to landscape, ecological sympathy, energy efficiency and resonant geometric form are all recognized as contributing elements to a nurturing shelter.

While we believe our vision and approach to design and planning are unique, we also base our practices on sound and elementary principles. Believing (as the ancients) that different geometric forms evoke different responses, our architectural mission is to discover ways to achieve optimal spatial sympathy. A study of sacred geometry gives us clues - pyramids, spirals, and certain polygons contain powerful archetypal vibrations that motivate and stretch our creative energies. Rectangular and circular shapes have less of a stimulating influence, but their resonance is appropriate in many situations.

As creators of buildings, rooms, spaces, and aesthetic elements, we take our unifying principle from the gestalt of elements that contribute to a healthy, nurturing, responsive environment. The juncture of responsibilities toward others and to the environment constitutes a significant input to the design of a building or an interior. And because these responsibilities relate to intent, we strive to discover and implement the intentions that balance the private and the public to achieve the most receptive environment. When that is achieved – when right intent leads to wise design - all things are possible.

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