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About The Design Guy, Donald Whittaker:

The Design Guy Team is a coordinated unit of architects, designers, engineers, technicians, photographers, and writers that conceive, craft and implement building, graphic, informational, textual and promotional projects. The team was assembled in 2001 by Donald Whittaker to provide an integrated array of design services that would make a positive and sensitive contribution to both public and private environments by helping individuals and organizations realize their ambitions. Our principals have over 270 years of combined experience in their respective fields – architecture, construction planning, interior design, graphic design, website creation, information management, photography, and text and promotional services.

Spatial Architecture/Design

The Design Guy Team designs and implements stimulating environments because we believe “you are what you enter.” If that space lacks color, texture, or feature, this repression of diverse dynamics will limit the insider to a passionless reflection of his or her own bland surroundings. However, if that space is vivacious, varied, and vibrant, emerging from a blend of creator and client soaring together to heights of expressive freedom, finding new hidden layers to explore and express at every level, then all who enter such a domain will feel that freedom and their passion will be raised to hitherto unattainable dimensions.

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Informational Architecture/Design

When it comes to our informational activities – website creation, Internet systems management, and textual and promotional services – the same guiding principles pertain. Our graphic designers and technicians create a website that is a digital reflection of your ideas and ambitions while at the same time balancing those precious variables with supreme usability and elegance. Our Internet engineers can craft information management systems that make storing and retrieving and utilizing your data easier and quicker. And our textual and promotional services can help you achieve perfect communication, community interfacing, and message outreach for whatever your endeavor or product.

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At Your Service

We are design servants, not design masters. Because each individual is unique in his or her inner response to external vibrations and patterns, the design search always includes intense client consultation to arrive at the most intuitive stimulus needed to generate maximum inspiration and livability. When prudence or economics dictate, the “servant designer” will seek to enlighten the “client master” as to potential alterations in habit or aesthetic compulsion, but in the end it is the master’s vision that guides the servant’s design.

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