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Welcome to, the cyber domicile of designer and planner Donald Whittaker and Design Guy e-Magazine. By venturing through this site you will take a captivating and informative journey through a digital simulation of the designing capabilities and philosophies of Donald Whittaker and the entire Design Guy creative team. Our services, our portfolio, our projects, our principles, our references and our passions can all be found within.

Our mission is to provide a positive and sensitive contribution to society through a wide variety of design implementations: innovative and responsible architecture, dynamic and engaging interiors, sound and progressive Internet-based business solutions, compelling and pertinent graphic design, and effective and flawless textual creations. We execute all our projects with uncompromising quality, consistency, and usability, always generating our real world and e-world architectures from the needs and desires of the client and his/her environment.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, to construct a medical center or corporate campus, to develop a website that never stops growing and generating revenue, or to transmit your vital message to the proper audience via textual or graphic media, we can make it happen. Our specialty is channeling your vision into beautiful, valuable, communicative design. Enjoy your visit, and please – let us know what you think!


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